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Greetings dog lovers! My name is Simone Scott, a modern dog trainer based in London England.
I am a member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and The Pet Professional Guild. 


Me & Ned 

Upon graduating from film school in 2013 I promised myself a puppy. Little did I know that this little dog would change the course of my life.  From the moment I brought Ned home I became obsessed with all things dog. All I knew about dog training at the time was what I had seen on popular American TV shows and assumed, as many people understandably do, that this was the correct way to train dogs.

Luckily a chance meeting with another dog trainer changed all that and I was introduced to The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I learnt that dog training had come a long way in recent years with regard to humane methods. The more I explored dog training as a career the more I wanted to learn about modern dog training methods.

This led me to investigate science based dog training with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. Training under the extremely knowledgeable and experienced Steve Mann (Founder of Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and Nando Brown ('Rescue dog to super dog' Channel 4) and Co Founder of The School of Canine Science.  


The more I learnt about the science of behaviour the more it made sense that this is the only way to train dogs and that these principles of behaviour apply to all organisms – humans, dogs, chickens, horses, dolphins, cats you name it.  It’s a scientific formula, when done correctly it can’t fail. 


Fast-forward 3 years; I am a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and The Pet Professional Guild and I am content in the knowledge that I train dogs correctly, effectively and humanely.


K9 Kloba - Pronounced Clobber, noun: clobber clothing, personal belongings, or equipment.


I have always had a creative side be it filmmaking, singing or designing T Shirts. The dog T Shirt industry was a little disappointing for me as the only T Shirts I could find were heavy on clichés, paw prints or a bit childish. I wanted something more subtle and thought maybe others might too. I decided to combine my passion from dogs and design to create more understated T Shirts for dog lovers. 'My dog is my heartbeat' is a concept that I knew would connect with many dog owners and I wanted to offer the designs in as many breeds as would work using silhouettes. I will be adding to the designs and creating new collections as the business grows.


I am a one-woman operation and I press all the T Shirts myself at home. Presentation and customer care are really important to me both as a customer and a merchant. I offer my clients quality, customised, made to order products and a swift and caring service.


Thank you for reading